Build a stronger bond with your cats

Cats are different than other pets. They are sensitive and are not easy to get along. It takes a lot of time to make them feel comfortable and easier. And mostly you will have to put all the efforts for your cat. You need to handle your cats properly to give it a home feeling. Once they get along well, they just make wonderful pets. For making a stronger bond, you will need to spend quality time with your cat, pet them well, brush their far, etc. And most importantly communicate with them. It is necessary that you communicate with your cats. Cats don’t like to feel ignored. Once they feel ignored, they will not react normally. The more you communicate with your cat, the more your bond with your cat gets stronger. But as we human mostly rely on verbal communication and facial expression some of the cat owners might think how to talk to cats. Because cats are not really a good verbal communicator nor they use much of facial expression. If you notice your cat carefully, you will notice that most of the cats usually communicate via their body language, odors, eye contact, etc.

So it is up to you to connect with your cats. Your warm nature will make it listen to you. Most of us think that cat only does meow to communicate with others. But studies show that cats communicate with other cats via their body language and odors. And cats do meow just to draw the attention of its owner. The meow can be in a different tone which means it wants to express different feelings. Cats don’t make a sound unless they are happy or angry or feel threatened by something else. Cats interact with their owners when they are fully comfortable with their owners. Cats love pampering. But don’t overdo it. Whenever it listens to you or do anything good or behave properly, you can reward it by giving a nice treat or patting it with a smile to make it feel special. You can teach it about different things by repeating words and posting things so that it learns easily. Of course, it will take time. It is not possible to do it within a night. But with patience, you will be able to balance your communication and bond.

Observe your cat properly. They don’t behave in the same way always. Cats go through mood swings a lot. Sometimes they also don’t react properly. You need to identify the differences so that you can understand in which particular situations they behave differently. The more you will be able to identify the differences in your cat’s behavior the more you will be able to understand them. So whenever you see a change in their behavior, you will easily know the situation and take proper solution for it.

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